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WebXMPP Free Net Meeting and Instant Messaging Client

WebXMPP is a Web-Based Instant Messaging Client that uses the XMPP protocol. It allows you to connect to any XMPP server, and, through XMPP gateways, to other instant messaging servers (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, etc.), without the need for a local native instant messaging client on your machine.

Some Things You Can Do With It:

All you need to use it is a modern full-featured standards-compliant browser (seamonkey or firefox, for example). WebXMPP is also designed to work in — the extremely non-compliant — Internet Explorer 6 for Windows, because many people still use it. Apple's Safari (version last tested: 2.0), among its many failings, still does not have the javascript XSL chops to handle WebXMPP 1.5. WebXMPP 1.0 seems to work (barely), but we're disinclined to knock ourselves out supporting feeble browsers when the mozilla browsers (firefox & seamonkey) are available free for just about every platform. For screenshots and more information, see the help.

User License: By using WebXMPP, you imply that you have read and agree to this User License.

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What We Use and Why

JavaScript: We use JavaScript extensively. This site simply will not work without it, but if you don't see an error message above, you have it enabled.

Popup Windows: Leaving the main page is analogous to quitting a normal program without saving, so we use a single separate window for any hyperlinks on the main page, and to display errors that arrive as HTML. We DON'T use popup advertising, so if you have a popup blocker, especially if it blocks intentional opening of new windows, you should unblock this site.

Cookies: We use cookies only to maintain a session with the server, and to save your settings. We DON'T use cookies for any sort of tracking, sleaziness or spying. If you don't see an error message above, cookies are enabled.

Flash: We use Flash for sounds, and to handle presentations.


We try to provide graceful fallback, but if any of the above are missing or disabled, the results may be unexpected. The following items are just for your information; they require no action on your part.


Encryption: We use dynamic 512-bit RSA encryption for establishing your connections to XMPP servers (so passwords never travel the network unencrypted), and for exchanging AES secret keys. We use dynamic 128-bit AES (Rijndael) for end-to-end encryption (more).

Retro-Web Gray: Our gleaming machinery is humming beneath a design scheme we call Retro-Web Gray, which we love for its restful humbleness. If you'd like to see the historic web browser to which it refers, NCSA Mosaic 1.0, you can view it in emulation at dejavu.org.

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